• Open Noon-2:30AM Daily
  • All Ages Admitted Until 5PM
  • 21+ & I.D. Required After 5PM
  • Win a copy of Hotline Miami 2! READ MORE →

  • Help Dirk the Daring rescue Princess Daphne in the 1983 classic! READ MORE →

  • The massive arcade shooter is finally here! READ MORE →

  • Flex your arcane arcade awareness & curious console cognition! READ MORE →

  • Represent retro gaming revival or give a classic gift! READ MORE →

  • Game all night long – no quarters necessary! READ MORE →

  • Celebrating a birthday, product launch, or…? Rent Ground Kontrol! READ MORE →

  • Full band karaoke every Tuesday night at 9PM, hosted by MC T. Wrecks! READ MORE →

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  • Temple Maps Album Release

    Lifelike Family: https://soundcloud.com/lifelike-family
    Temple Maps: https://soundcloud.com/tamarack/sets/temple-maps
    Gulls: http://www.boomarmnation.com/artists/gulls/
    Boomarm Nation: http://www.boomarmnation.com/about/
    DJ Tanuki: http://www.mixcloud.com/djtanuki/
    DJ Ross Island: http://xray.fm/shows/professional-echo
    Ethernet: http://ethernet333.bandcamp.com/

  • DJ Nate C.

    Nate C. cues up 80s hits, anthem rock, hair metal, movie soundtracks and good time retro fantasy OTT fun!