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  • All Ages Admitted Until 4:30PM
  • 21+ & I.D. Required After 5PM

Ground Kontrol Gambles On Video Poker

New Video Poker lineup!It’s been a long time coming, but everyone’s favorite downtown arcade/bar/music venue can now add a new descriptor: GAMBLING HOLE!

That’s right, double up and bet eight credits, ’cause Ground Kontrol is the proud new home of twelve brand new video poker machines, courtesy of the Oregon Lottery.

“It Does Good Things,” said Anthony Ramos, co-owner and self-confessed video poker fan. “We’re always on the lookout for the newest and most popular entertainments. The time was finally right. Now players can compete for not just for high score and the acclaim of their peers, but for cold, hard cash. Also, my crack habit was getting really expensive, and this will help offset that.”

“We had to clear out all the pinball machines and most of the video games, but we’re sure that players will soon forget them once they see these new machines, and comments from customers seem to be bearing that out.”

Brad, electrician and frequent customer: “I was so stoked to see that they got video poker. I mean, Q*Bert was cool and all, but I think they’re making much better use of the space. One video lottery machine has, like, games galore.”

“Ground Kontrol could have always used a gambling machine or two. Can I get an ashtray?”- Thom, cab driver

“Money rules!”- Patricia, volunteer

“SMELLS LIKE CASH IN HERE!!!”- Doug, probably lives around here or something

“V||)3() p()|<3R |s |337!!!!!!!1!”- Lord Mordicus, teh HaXX0R

So, be sure to stop into the all-new Ground Kontrol: the place for beer, DJs, live bands, and gambling addiction!