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Categories: From The CEO

Why Doesn’t GK Have ALL Of Your Favorites?

Good question! There are several possible reasons:

  • Your favorite game is one of our favorites, too, but we haven’t been able to find one in good condition at a reasonable price. Games we’re looking for include Smash TV, Dragon’s Lair, and Medieval Madness.
  • We used to have your favorite, but we had to put it in storage because we replaced it with a more popular game. For instance, Gyruss and Phoenix.
  • Your favorite isn’t what we consider to be a classic game. Example: Space Jam. Sorry, not every game can be a classic.
  • We own it, but it’s broken. Spy Hunter is at the top of this list.
  • We own it, but we’re trying to get it working and/or figure out where to put it. Final Fight, Sunset Riders, and our fabulous new 6-player X-Men all fit this description.
  • We like to consider ourselves experts on classic games, but there’s always a possibility we don’t know that our arcade is seriously lacking without your favorite game. Please, tell us what games you’d like to see at Ground Kontrol!

We wish we had a massive warehouse filled with at least one copy of every pinball machine and video game ever made – the ultimate coin-operated gaming museum. Well, maybe not, because then we’d have to keep them all running!

The reality is, we’re paying downtown rents, so we only have a limited amount of space. And that limits how many games we can have.

Our goal is to have as many of the Killer List of Video Game’s Top 100 games as possible, but unfortunately we just don’t have room. So we have to make tough choices, based on which games get played the most. It makes us sad, but we have to if we want to stay in business.

In a future post, I’ll talk more about our plans to offer more games.