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  • All Ages Admitted Until 4:30PM
  • 21+ & I.D. Required After 5PM

New Games!

Noiseland is excited to present the best in slightly used video gaming:


Pac Rat, a classic maze game that bears absolutely no resemblance to any other arcade game, is one of the flagship games of the Noiseland Video Arcade. In this erratic rat race, players rack up scores packing away rejected foodstuffs and running from bratty cats.

Larry the Looterlarrythelooter-copy1

Break into storefronts and window displays as Larry, the greedy criminal with a very destructive streak. Players rack up high scores by lifting stereos, TVs, and jewelry, stuffing them into Larry’s bloated loot bag. Just beware of the protective store owner. Your Game Over screen appears as suddenly as a decapitating blast from his shotgun!

Nuke Canadanukecanada-copy1

This cold war layover has gamers racking up quarters in command of a conflict with our neighbors to the north. America Lite has their work cut out for them as they try to deflect an onslaught of Yankee nukes. Known for its incredible ease, Nuke Canada is one of the only games a player can win with the push of one single button.

Super Slugfestsuperslugfest-copy

Super Slugfest is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a lot more super than the previous Slugfest. However, Noiseland Game Group is currently looking into a trademark lawsuit with Ground Kontrol, whose wildly successful series of fighting game tournaments share the Slugfest name.

Escape From Grandma’s Houseescape-from-grandmas-house-copy1

First in the fan favorite Grandma’s House trilogy, gameplay sees players dodging moldy bread, ancient candy, and mangy cats. In this first edition, Andy the Abandoned fights against a countdown timer until his ride home finally arrives. But as levels increase, the timer gets longer and the enemies more numerous, until the player eventually perishes in a cloud of mothballs and butterscotch bricks.