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New in the Arcade: Namco Classic Collections 1 and 2

Namco Classic Collections 1 & 2In the mid-nineties, Namco compiled several of their classics from the “Golden Age” of arcade gaming into new cabinets with new features. Spanning two collections, the games Pac-Man, Galaga, Xevious, Mappy, Rally-X and Dig Dug were made available for a new generation of arcades.

In addition to repackaging these original games, the Classic Collections included “arrangement” modes, with updated graphics, new enemies, fresh sounds and altered gameplay! The “arrangement” mode also offers 2-player simultaneous play (except Rally-X), which is an especially cool addition to Pac-Man and Galaga. One could argue that these collections innovated the remixes of classic games that have become popular today.

Our new cabinet at Ground Kontrol combines BOTH of these collections for a total of six games rounding out the selection (twelve if you include the “arrangement” remixes!) The latest of our custom-produced multi-games, our Namco Classics cabinet boasts new art on the shiny marquee and control panel. Come drop some quarters in this Namco showcase to relive old memories or try out the unique “arrangement” modes!