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Categories: 6 Days Of X-Men

X-Men, Part One: Heavy Lifting

colossusThe story begins with a phone call from the St. Johns neighborhood. “We have a video game in our living room. Would you like to buy it? I have to warn you: it’s pretty big.”

How big? 6-player X-Men big. That’s big enough to:

  1. Leave enough space in the tiny living room for only a couch, TV and small table;
  2. Require removing a set of sliding patio doors just to move the game outside;
  3. Break the patio’s floorboards as we carry each cabinet across them, transforming the moving process into the real-life equivalent of a platform jumping game; and
  4. Fill the beds of two regular-cab pickup trucks (one truck, two trips.)X-Men after pickup, side

X-Men after pickup, front

Fully assembled, the game is four feet wide and over six feet deep, including the large, awkward-looking box that juts out of the back to hold one of two 25″ monitors. The floor of the control panel cabinet sleeps one comfortably.

The wood needs work, too; the control panel and sides are worn and scratched from years of use and abuse in arcades.

In spite of its age, it’s a great cabinet, and we commit to bringing it to Ground Kontrol. First, though, we have to restore it to the like-new condition people remember. More importantly, we have to figure out a way to fit it into the arcade’s tight floor plan.

The solution: We rebuild it. Better…newer...slimmer.

On to Part Two: Reconstruction

  1. Ah, I haven’t seen this game in years! Definitely hosting more team building events there once the machine is finished. However, where to put it in the building? Sorry to say, but the place is pretty packed already. . .

  2. Don’t worry, we have a spot picked out for it! X-Men will sit where Sunset Riders is now, facing the bar.