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Four Great Beat-’em-ups and One Great Hunting Game Join The Pack

When you have more beat ’em up games than the arcade can handle, there’s only one way to settle the score: Street Justice – The Old Town Beat Down, a new custom cabinet that packs the punch of four classic titles:

Bad-dudes-thumbBad Dudes Vs. Dragon Ninja (Data East, 1987)
“President Ronnie has been kidnapped by the ninjas. Are you a bad enough dude to rescue Ronnie?” Find out in this classic brawler.


Final Fight (Capcom, 1989)
This game was originally called Street Fighter ’89 and would have been the second game in that series. Its side-scrolling cooperative fighting was ultimately deemed too different from SF‘s competitive tournament style to inherit its title.

Even so, Cody, Guy, Mike Haggar, and many of their opponents appear in later games of the Street Fighter series. Play Final Fight to see how these memorable characters got their start!


Ninja Gaiden (Tecmo, 1988)
Players of the NES version will quickly realize that the original arcade game is different from the platformer they remember. Even so, it’s a great game in its own right. Bonus: The first person who finds the GK-themed easter egg hidden in the game wins a free GK coozie! UPDATE: We’re upping the ante – if you take a picture of the GK-themed easter egg, we’ll throw in a free GK t-shirt, too!


Two Crude (Nihon Bussan / AV Japan, 1990)
Genesis players may remember this obscure but worthy title as Two Crude Dudes. Brawl through post-apocalyptic New York City fighting mutants, punks, werewolves, and “psycho Santas.”

Two Crude enhances the beat-’em-up format by adding a “Grab” button to the standard Kick/Punch combo, enabling you to pick up almost anything in the environment– streetlights, garbage cans, enemies, even your partner(!)– and throw it as a weapon. Action-hero catchphrases and “crude” humor keep things lively. “Pump it up…stay cool!”

Big Game + Big Gun = Big Fun

big-buck-hunter-marqueeBig Buck Hunter (Incredible Technologies, 2000)
Explore the four corners of the USA meeting exotic, interesting wildlife and KILLING THEM ALL in the first installment of this popular hunting title.

Prove you’re a hunter for all seasons by shooting in night, early morning, fog and snow conditions. Bonus rounds like Turkey Hunt, Skeet, Windmill Mania, and Barnyard Bonus add a shooting gallery feel.