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Categories: 6 Days Of X-Men

X-Men: Assembled!

After more than a year of cabinet design and construction, artwork recreation, and restoration of the internals, here is the result!

X-Men Front

Front view of the completed game, showing the all-new cabinet art, restored controls, and custom control panel with bonus 2×3-drink holders.


X-Men Display

A closer view the of the screen and control panel from Colossus’s player position.

December 20th, 2009: The finished game debuts in the arcade.

X-Men Debut

The first players try our customized X-Men cabinet in the arcade.


  1. Man! Amazing!! Where did you find the art in high definition to print?? I am from brazil, and I am starting a very similar project. Thanks a lot!!

  2. Hey man! Just bought one empty cabinet! đŸ™‚ Which screen did you use? Is it an 42″ LCD? Thanks!