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Looking Back, Looking Forward

Now that we’ve defeated the boss at the end of level 2009, it’s time to advance to level 2010. But first, a look back at some of last year’s highlights:

Cake Invaders!

Our first “new” game of 2009 was Taito’s 1986 classic, Bubble Bobble. We also hosted our first wedding!

This month saw the 3rd installment of our Slugfest fighting tournament. We also upgraded our Mortal Kombat II to a dedicated Midway cabinet with a 25″ CRT.

In March we debuted our custom Multi-Capcom cabinet, adding Aliens vs Predator and Vampire Savior to our collection.

Pinbrawl '09 - Art by Lee Zeman of Mad Pakyderms (madpakyderms.com)

We had our first Portland Pinbrawl pinball tournament, with 121 contestants. We also added our Namco Classic Collection multigame with Dig-Dug, Pac-Man, Galaga, Mappy, Rally-X, and Xevious.

May saw Rock Band Tuesdays house band Mario Speedwagon jet off to Atlantic City to compete in a national Rock Band competition. They lost, barely, but they’re still the champs of the Pacific NW! Golden Tee returned to the arcade, sharing a cabinet with World Class Bowling, another trackball game.

New pins – Cirqus Voltaire and The Machine: Bride of Pinbot, the latter with a rad LED lighting retrofit.

In August we celebrated our 10th birthday! To celebrate, we threw a weeklong party including our fourth Micropalooza chiptunes event. We also acquired a Killer Instinct 2 cabinet, in which we’re currently running the original Killer Instinct 1.

We upgraded our pinball collection again with Williams’ classic Tales of the Arabian Nights.

House Of The DeadOctober
As a special Halloween treat, we debuted House of the Dead.

In the spirit of the season, we gave you several “new” games to play:

  • Street Justice: The Old Town Beatdown, a custom multi-game featuring Bad Dudes Vs. Dragon Ninja, Final Fight, Ninja Gaiden, and Two Crude;
  • the classic shooter Big Buck Hunter; and
  • Finally, our pride and joy: a custom built and restored 6-player X-Men featuring a 42″ LCD display!


Looking forward to 2010. We have big plans!