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GK 3.0 Preview #4 – Mystery Game 04 – Revealed!

Welcome to the fourth in a series of sneak peeks into what will eventually become Ground Kontrol 3.0: bigger, better and featuring even more classic games! Throughout this series, we’ll be taking quick looks at various things like equipment, construction, design, and most importantly:  games! But we won’t be pulling up the curtain completely – rather, we’ll just give you a brief glance. To see the rest, you’ll just have to wait!

This arcade action series, obviously influenced by American action films, first hit arcades in the late ’80s. It would later become a massive success on home consoles with some excellent ports that stayed true to the spirit of the games – shooting, shooting and more shooting, with a friend by your side. The arcade original sent you through jungles, mountains (don’t fall behind!) and maze-like compounds, and eagle-eyed players would find a wide arsenal of weapons with which to dispatch scores of terrorists and perhaps an alien freak or two.  Its arcade follow-up continued the carnage, but added some vertical action and ramped up the difficulty!

Can you name the series (or a single installment in the series)? Email us your answer by Wednesday 9/29 with the subject “Mystery Game 04”! Out of the correct responses, one random person will get free admission to our next Free Play Party (9/29).

Congratulations to Ben Pownall, whose correct answer of “Contra” was randomly selected from our pool of correct answers! Both Contra and its sequel Super Contra are scheduled to join our lineup.

Whoever has the most correct answers by the end of our GK 3.0 Preview series will get a very special prize at our grand re-opening! Someone’s on a 100% streak… Is it you?

Stay tuned for more Mystery Game challenges!