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Categories: From The CEO

Bad News, Good News

First the bad news – unfortunately, our grand plans for expanding our mezzanine ran afoul of the International Building Code.  It says the mezzanine can’t be any bigger.  In fact, it may have to get smaller. 🙁  We’re working on possible solutions to this nasty problem, and hope to have it resolved soon!

The good news: We’ve been working with Jessica Helgerson Interior Design since the summer, and hired Lackey Construction to oversee the remodel, and now we’re almost ready to begin. In fact, demolition and construction may start as early as December 1st!

During the remodel, Ground Kontrol’s bar and games will be set up in a temporary space across the street, code-named the “Warp Zone.” We’ll have to close for a day or two to set it up but, once the Warp Zone is ready, you can expect to enjoy something pretty darn close to the Ground Kontrol experience you know and love while the original is being remodeled.

JHID designers Jessica and Emily really get what Ground Kontrol is about, and we’re excited about the plans they have created. We hope to share those plans and the behind-the-scenes construction along the way!