• Open Noon-Late Daily
  • All Ages Admitted Until 4:30PM
  • 21+ & I.D. Required After 5PM

More On GK 3.0

Some people have asked – if we’re not expanding, then why are we remodeling?

We know some of you love GK just the way it is, but we feel like it could be even better.  Things the remodel will improve:

  • The Bar – some people want liquor, and we can’t serve that without food.
  • Food – sometimes you work up an appetite playing NBA Jam, and we can’t serve that without a kitchen.
  • Seating – we’re adding a dedicated lounge area near the bar. ¬†The tables and seating will be unlike anything you’ve seen.
  • Restrooms – we’re hoping our new restrooms will make you forget how sad our current ones are.
  • Flooring – our carpet doesn’t handle spills too well, so we’re going with LEED-certified recycled rubber flooring.
  • Ambience – TRON is one of our big influences, and our new look will put you in the TRON universe.

Sneak peak pics soon!

  1. Really looking forward to the new *patch being released for my favorite bar in portland:)