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The Inside Story On Our Crazy Double Move

Ground Kontrol has moved once again, into 10 NW 5th Ave. after staying at 32 NW 5th Ave. for only one week. Why? Well, it’s an interesting story…

When we learned that our big remodel of 511 NW Couch St. would take nearly two months to complete, we decided that it was far too long a time for our employees to be out of work and for you, our loyal fans to be without your arcade fix. So, we made the decision to temporarily move the entire arcade to a “warp zone.” But where?

Our first choice was 32 NW 5th, which is catty-corner to our original space and also co-owned by our current landlord. Unfortunately, that space didn’t have its own restrooms. Worse, it was slated for its own remodel in January to become a new home for our friends at Floating World Comics.

Another space was available two doors down, at 10 NW 5th. It had excellent restrooms and was in the process of having a new storefront installed. This seemed perfect, so we made plans to move there instead.

Disaster struck when the construction crew working on its facade found a steel column instead of a concrete column, necessitating new engineering calculations, a new steel beam to be fabricated, and a plan resubmittal to the city. This pushed 10 NW 5th’s availability down two weeks. We had to find an interim home for the Warp Zone, and fast!

Luckily, the 32 NW 5th space was available, but only for 10 days, after which PICA would move in for a one-day event. 10 NW 5th was supposed to be ready by then, so we decided to move twice, thus reducing our closure time from 10 days to only 3 days. Getting approval from the OLCC, the city, and our insurance agent for all this shuffling was a chore, but we made it happen. Everything seemed set.

Unfortunately, construction at 10 NW 5th was delayed again, leaving the space with no front doors. (!!) Luckily, the contractors found some old swinging doors in the basement, quickly installed them, and got an okay from the city inspector. We moved in later than we expected, and weren’t able to open until 9PM last night, but Ground Kontrol is once again open for business every day during our usual hours. (Our new doors and glass storefront won’t be installed until next week, but we’ll manage.)

We couldn’t have done any of this without the help of our awesome landlord David Gold. We admired what how he’s put his properties to work providing artists’ space in the Goldsmith Building and bringing interesting retailers such as Floating World and Seven Planet to our neighborhood. He’s also working to replace the giant parking lot on Block 33 with a mixed-use building anchored by Uwajamiya, and plans to turn the old Grove Hotel into a youth hostel (another great idea.)

It’s highly unusual for a business to move twice in 10 days, but Ground Kontrol isn’t your usual business. 😉 And hey, all this practice will come in handy when we move back into our newly remodeled digs at the original 511 NW Couch St. location!