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Coming To The Pearl: Ground Kontrol’s “8-Bit Bistro”

PORTLAND, OR.– Ground Kontrol Classic Arcade has long been known as one of the more popular  haunts in Portland’s Old Town neighborhood. But now they’re making a play for the high-rise crowd in an unexpected way: by opening a bistro in the Pearl. Ground Kontrol Chef Emeritus Kyle Harasyn explains.

“Downtown fans already know about Ground Kontrol’s excellent food menu. Convincing Pearl residents to make the long journey into Old Town has been a challenge, though. I can understand…I mean, that’s four or five blocks at least, and no valet parking to speak of. Then you have the Park Blocks creating an almost impassable divide and, well…no wonder they hardly ever make it.

“We really want to reach this new audience, though, and we think we’ve found a way: Bring the Ground Kontrol menu to the Pearl, and tailor it to their sensibilities. We’re calling it ‘8-bit cuisine in a 5-star format.'”

Sous chefs Peter ‘Pepper’ Romberg and Stacey Moritz are busy perfecting the menu. Sample items include:

  • Cold Stone-Pressed Roasted Game Hen De Castle Vania
  • Burger– Thyme with Pickle and Fried Egg
  • Pac-Homme Cherry, Strawberry & Apple Clafouti


To present this 5-star menu in a suitably upscale environment, Ground Kontrol is negotiating prime retail storefront space in Encore Tower, the newest of the Pearl District’s tony high-rise condominiums.











Planet Portland editor L. Ramos contributed to this article.