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  • 21+ & I.D. Required After 5PM
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And In This Corner… The Champion Pub Pinball!

Hailing from Chicago, Illinois and weighing in at 300 lbs, The Champion Pub pinball table has landed at Ground Kontrol, ready to rumble!

Skip the locker room – but hit the change machine – and prepare to face 10 different pinball pugilists from around the globe! Build up your health bar by hitting the heavy bag in the center, attempting the jump rope (where your ball literally jumps up to avoid a rotating gate) or pounding the speed bag (time your flipper presses to punch the bag as many times as possible!)

Once you’re fighting fit, enter the ring – and the heavy bag will rotate to reveal an animatronic boxer with his arms swinging! Shoot the ramps to light a jab combo, and shoot up the center ramps to complete it. If you flip like a butterfly and shoot like a bee, you’ll knock his block off and advance to the next rank!

It’s not all about bare-knuckle brawling, though – there’s plenty more to do in this turn-of-the-century trip. Score points and an extra ball by keeping the floors clean in the Spittin’ Gallery, play a hand of poker, and make the pub go ballistic by activating Multibrawl!

The Champion Pub is easily one of the most creative pinball games you’ll ever play.

“Come on in & pound a few!”