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Categories: Arcade News

720° Is Back… Again!

720° is back – again!  While we’re always happy to offer this fan favorite, the cabinet can be a little difficult to maintain, and sometimes we have to take it off the floor for a while.  Having returned from its most recent visit to GK’s repair crypt, 720° is ready for play, and doing better than ever!

For those unfamiliar, 720° is Atari’s skateboarding classic, totally decked out in 80’s flair and skater-dude aesthetic.  It is, one might say, totally radical.  To play, your character jumps and grinds through a town that really looks more like a skate park, trying to raise cash to buy better gear and enter events.  Such skating events include the giant downhill ramp, the gnarly half pipe, tricky jump ramp, and speedy slalom game.  Each one is a different way to play 720° and doing well rewards the player with medals, high scores, and a longer game.

Keep on shredding through Skate City or you may find yourself menaced by killer bees! When it’s time to make a move or get thrashed, you’ll hear the game’s trademark warning, “Skate or Die!”  That sample, along with distinctive music, make 720° one of the most memorable-sounding games – it’s even got a cool boombox-like set of speakers above the big screen.

720° is currently set up right by the bar, unique joystick fully operational, monitor shining bright, and speakers pumping.  Come shred the gnar!  It’s a really good game to get into!