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  • All Ages Admitted Until 4:30PM
  • 21+ & I.D. Required After 5PM

Design the Next Ground Kontrol T-Shirt!

Our Next Shirt?

UPDATE 11/13/13: The submission period has closed! Thanks to everyone that entered. Visit our Facebook page to vote, and stay tuned to see the winners!

Ground Kontrol’s produced some pretty awesome pieces of apparel over the years – from our “flagship” design, to several illustrations celebrating our annual pinball tournament. We’ve enjoyed working with talented artists Mark McCormick, Lee Zeman, Sam Ford and Zack Soto to bring you retro-inspired t-shirts that you actually want to wear!

Now, it’s your turn to show us what Ground Kontrol means to you: We’re looking for the ultimate fan-produced design for our next t-shirt! You’re invited to submit as many designs as you’d like, and it will be up to Ground Kontrol’s customers, fans and staff to vote for their favorite. Once we’ve got our list of winners, we’ll award prizes to the top 5 finalists and produce the grand prize-winning design in a limited edition t-shirt!

How do you enter? Read the full guidelines after the break, then upload your entry using the submission form. Good luck!


  • Submissions will be accepted via the form at the bottom of this post until 12:00AM PST Wednesday, November 6th, 2013 Wednesday November 13!

  • Submissions selected for public voting will be available for public voting on Ground Kontrol’s Facebook page from Wednesday November 13 to Wednesday November 20.

  • The top 5 submissions from the public voting period according to number of Facebook “likes” will be voted on internally by Ground Kontrol from Wednesday, November 6th until Wednesday, November 13th Wednesday November 20 to Wednesday November 27.

  • The winning designs will be announced on Thursday, November 14th Thursday November 28. At that point, we will contact the winners and begin the process of final art production with the top winner and the shirt production company.

  • On Thursday, November 21st Thursday December 5 we will plan to open pre-orders for the new t-shirt design. Pre-orders will ship beginning Monday, December 2nd Monday December 16 (or earlier) via Priority Mail. A limited amount of shirts will also be available on-site at Ground Kontrol starting Monday, December 2nd Monday December 16.

Submission Guidelines:

  • Submit as many designs as you like, including slight updates to existing designs.

  • Designs must prominently feature Ground Kontrol’s name in the Ground Kontrol logotype and style, including the Ground Kontrol “ship” element. Designs must include the phrases “Portland, Oregon” and “groundkontrol.com” in any typeface except the one used in the Ground Kontrol Classic Arcade logo. Artistic variations are encouraged as long as the logo and the logo’s typeface remain recognizable. Download the Ground Kontrol logo for reference!

  • Designs must not include copyrighted or trademarked material (mascot likenesses, other company logos, etc.)

  • Designs must require no more than 5 screens to print, including the required white back-print. CMYK half-toning is acceptable.

  • Front & back designs are allowed as long as they use no more than 5 screens total, including two required white back-prints (one for each side.)

    • Final production artwork must be high resolution (300dpi) and no more than 9″ x 12″ in actual size, with each color on a separate layer. Acceptable file formats: PSD, TIFF. NO PDFs!

    • When submitting your design, save a flattened 72dpi COPY of your design at no more than 1024 x 1360 for use as a preview. Acceptable file formats: PNG, BMP. Again, NO PDFs!

  • Designs must be unencumbered, ie. not owned by someone else or already in use for another purpose.

  • All submissions become the sole property of Ground Kontrol, which may reproduce and distribute them for the purpose of promoting and managing the contest. NOTE: Ground Kontrol will not use your art outside of the contest without your express permission.

  • Designs may be altered or modified with or without the express consent, permission or participation of the artist to ensure that the design meets production standards.

Selecting Winners:

  • Ground Kontrol will determine eligibility of all submissions for the public voting pool. Should an entry not meet qualification standards, it will not advance to the public voting round.

  • All entries selected for public voting will be uploaded to a public Facebook album on Ground Kontrol’s page at http://facebook.com/GroundKontrol. At the end of the voting period, each entry’s number of “Likes” will be tallied and the top 5 submissions will advance to the Ground Kontrol voting round.

  • Ground Kontrol’s owners, management and staff will vote on the top 5 Facebook winners internally. At the end of the voting period, these votes will also be added to each entry’s score according to the scoring system.

  • Scoring System: All votes collected from the public Facebook album and Ground Kontrol’s internal votes will be calculated as such:

    • The top 5 Facebook entries sorted by number of “Likes” at the end of the voting period will be assigned points from a pool of 50 points as such:

      • 1st place – 12 points

      • 2nd place – 11 points

      • 3rd place – 10 points

      • 4th place – 9 points

      • 5th place – 8 points

    • Ground Kontrol owners, management and staff will then vote for their favorite entry from the top 5 entries. Ground Kontrol’s representatives will have 25 points total worth 2 points each.

    • The final top 5 entries will then be selected based on total number of points, with the top possible score being 100 points.


  • 1st place: $250 cash, plus entry to every free play party for a year (approximate value: $130)

  • 2nd place: $125 cash plus entry to every free play party for 6 months (approximate value: $60)

  • 3rd place: $75 cash plus entry to every free play party for 3 months (approximate value: $30)

  • 4th and 5th place: Ground Kontrol t-shirt plus entry to every free play party for a month (approximate value: $28)

NOTE: If you are not awarded the 1st place prize yet Ground Kontrol still wishes to use your design to produce a t-shirt, Ground Kontrol will award you supplementary prizes in the following amounts:

If Ground Kontrol later decides to use the artwork of a runner-up, we will pay $125 to the 2nd place winner, $175 to the 3rd place winner, or $250 to the 4th or 5th place winners.  If we use the concept, but pay a different artist to alter the artwork, we will pay $50 to the 3rd place winner, or $125 to the 4th or 5th place winners.

Ready to submit your design? Use the form below, and good luck!

Unfortunately, the submission period has closed. Visit our Facebook page to vote for your favorite entries!