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New in the Arcade: Killer Queen, the world’s first 10-player arcade game!

Killer Queen

We’re extremely excited to announce, for a limited time, a sneak preview of the soon-to-be-released independent arcade game Killer Queen at Ground Kontrol!

The only 10-player arcade game in the world, Killer Queen challenges two teams of up to 5 players to take control of worker bees and their Queen working to defeat the opposing team in one of three ways: Filling your hive with pollen, riding the snail to your base, or killing the Queen (of course!)

The retro-style 2D game play (described as a cross between Joust and Starcraft) feels like a familiar arcade classic updated for modern gaming. Matches are fast and frenetic, with you and your teammates juggling multiple goals and strategies to defeat the opponent’s Queen while defending your own.

Like any great arcade game, it’s very easy to jump in and start playing, with only one joystick and one button per player. Once you get hooked, you’ll see deeper layers within the strategy. Do you go for a speed boost or become a warrior and directly attack the Queen? Collect pollen and hope you’ll fill the hive before the other team? Or dare to ride the snail slowly to your base, relying on teammates to defend your epically sluggish trip toward victory?

We’re one of a few locations worldwide and the ONLY location on the west coast featuring Killer Queen, and we’re collecting as much feedback as we can to pass on to developers Joshua DeBonis and Nikita Mikros, who continue to refine it.

The cabinet is impressively designed, too – two linked cabinets with orange and blue color schemes representing their respective teams, a control panel with built-in cup holders, and lighting accents throughout the cabinet (with a glowing base!) We think it looks perfect in our retro-futuristic space.

Raw Thrills Entertainment has optioned Killer Queen for a commercial release to arcades worldwide, but only after testing it in local venues like Ground Kontrol who are willing to take a chance on an untested title.

Ground Kontrol is proud to cultivate the future of arcade gaming and we hope that you’ll take this rare opportunity to play Killer Queen before it reaches the masses. Invite your friends and let us know what you think!

Find out more about the game and its development at killerqueenarcade.com.


  1. Unbelievably fun. We were there on Saturday night, and the last time I saw a group of people that large going that nuts over an upright cabinet game was probably “Space Lords,” circa 1995.

  2. I love this game so so much. It’s brilliant to be amongst a mixed group of friends and strangers and celebrating a win as if you’ve conquered the world…or crying into your beer in the case that you lose. Please keep it forever!