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Categories: Arcade News, Bar News

Slugfest 3 Fighting Game Tournament, February 28

Saturday, February 28, get ready for a SLUGFEST!

Slugfest 3: Fighting Game Tournament, February 28th 2009Slugfest is Ground Kontrol’s semi-regular fighting game tournament, and we’re dedicating the third installment to Street Fighter! Put your quarters up and perfect your Dragon Punch, ’cause we’re taking the battle to four different Street Fighter games: Street Fighter Alpha 3 (Arcade), Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike (Arcade), Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix (Playstation 3), and the brand-new Street Fighter IV (Playstation 3)!

Enter as many or as few tournaments as you’d like! The event will be sponsored by Bawls Energy drink, and we’ll be providing pizza and drinks to paid participants while supplies last. Cash prizes will be awarded to 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners in each tournament!

What: Slugfest 3 Fighting Game Tournament

Who: All ages welcome!

Cost: $5 cover fee, $3 per game tournament entered. Tournament games will be set to free-play, no quarters required for tournament matches.

Where: Ground Kontrol Classic Arcade, 511 NW Couch St., Portland / groundkontrol.com

Note: Bring your own Playstation 3-compatible controllers if you wish to play a PS3 tournament! Some controllers may be available for use.

Bounce With Bawls Guarana

Sponsored by Bawls!

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Halloween Happenings

Halloween may be our favorite holiday at Ground Kontrol, so we’ve got lots going on to celebrate the season! On Wednesday, October 29, we have a very special edition of our monthly free-play party. Hallowbleep will feature scary electronic music and movie themes mixed by DJs Cache, Megaphysics, and CEV, scary movies projected on our 10′ screen, and of course, all the games you can play for only $5!

On Halloween night, we’ll again have scary movies, with scary music by DJ Travis Wiggins and DJ Fish In The Sea, and as usual on Friday nights, no cover charge (no free games, though – that’s a once-a-month deal).

Speaking of games, we have a very special Halloween treat in our Neo Geo cabinet. Captain Tomaday is a bizarre vertical shooter featuring a bloody tomato fighting his way through piles of skulls and other scary stuff. Play it now, because it’ll be gone after Halloween!

Another Halloween-themed video game we have is Capcom’s classic Ghosts & Goblins. What could be scarier than battling wraiths while naked? Play it during Hallowbleep, and you might actually make it to the end!

We have scary pinball machines, too! Our old friend Haunted House is back on the floor, just in time for Halloween! There aren’t many pinball machines with three different playfields, and you won’t find this classic at any other pinball parlor in Portland.

We have another scary favorite, Elvira’s Scared Stiff. How high can you get on the Stiff-O-Meter? Drop a few quarters in and find out! Finally, every night for the rest of the month, at the bar we have the classic Castlevania on our NES and Zombies Ate My Neighbors on our SNES. These games are free for our drinking patrons.

We hope to see you haunting the arcade soon! If not, boo!

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Changes In Our Venue

Ground Kontrol has decided to make some major changes to our Thursday and Friday night musical offerings:

  • Beginning September 4 (First Thursday), we will no longer have weekly live bands on Thursdays. We’re sorry if you’re disappointed, but we felt that shows took too much time and energy to put on every week, and they were too distracting from the arcade.
  • Beginning immediately, we will no longer have monthly live bands on Fridays, for the same reason. Also, we have decided it’s time to shake things up and have some new DJs on Fridays!

If you’ve come in on a Thursday or Friday and felt it was too loud, or didn’t want to pay a cover, we apologize. We’ve made these changes with you in mind, so we hope you’ll give us another chance!

For people who like it loud, we’ll still have metal shows on Sundays.

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New Serving Hours and Private Rental Options

Beer and NES on the barStarting today, the bar now opens at 5PM every day. If you’re 21 or older, stop in for a brew and some video game or pinball action on your way home from work!

Ground Kontrol is still family-friendly 11AM-5PM on Saturday and Noon-5PM every other day of the week, so you can show your kids what arcades were like when you were a kid!

We are also pleased to announce some major changes to our private rental policy: Private events may now include alcohol service at any time of day, and minors may attend private events where alcohol is being served if they are accompanied by an adult guardian or spouse. For more details, see our Rental Rates and Information.

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Beers in the Arcade



We got bottles and cans of all your favorites!


  • Pabst Blue Ribbon (16 oz. Can)
  • Miller High Life (16 oz. Can)
  • Miller Genuine Draft (12 oz. Bottle)
  • Coors Light (12 oz. Bottle) <- NEW!


  • Pacifico (12 oz. Bottle) <- NEW!


  • New Belgium Fat Tire Amber Ale (12 oz. Bottle)
  • Deschutes Mirror Pond Pale Ale (12 oz. Bottle)
  • Deschutes Black Butte Porter (12 oz. Bottle)
  • Pyramid Hefeweizen (12 oz. Bottle) <- NEW!
  • Sessions Lager 11 oz. Stubby (12 oz. Bottle)


  • Mike’s Hard Lemonade (12 oz. Bottle)
  • HardCore Cider (12 oz. Bottle) <- NEW!


  • Currently Rotating Weekly! This week: Alaskan Summer Ale
PS – We also have a fine selection of non-alcoholic beverages.