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GrandPOOBear's Speedrun Sessions

GrandPOOBear’s Speedrun Sessions


GrandPOOBear’s Speedrun Sessions brings fans an interactive speedrunning experience kicks off right in the heart of Portland at Ground Kontrol! Learn what speedrunning is all about, interact with some of the top speedrunning influencers, and take part in some of the fun!

Special Guests & Speedruns:

    • GrandPOOBear – GrandPOOWorld 2 Any% True Ending
      • GrandPOOBear will play one of the newest Mario ROM-hacks where he’ll prove his skills as one of the best speedrunners in the community.
    • Oatsngoats – Super Metroid 100%
      • Oatsngoats will obtain every item in Super Metroid while beating the game in under 90 minutes!
    • Andy – The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past (Swordless, All Dungeons)
      • Andy will forgo retrieving Link’s Master Sword and instead glitch his way into boss rooms.
    • spikevegeta – Event Emcee

Additional details here: win.gs/GBP_Portland

GrandPOOBear’s Speedrun Sessions · Thursday 4/4 · 6-10pm · 21+ · FREE