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Killer Queen Competitive Clash -

Killer Queen Competitive Clash – “We Three Queens” Tournament


Category: Killer Queen

Are you an old-school day map person, a night map star, or is dusk map your jam? You better figure it out, because this month’s Killer Queen tournament comes with a twist!

After drafting teams in the typical scrambled draft style, each squad must designate one player to be the queen for each map: day, night, or dusk. When your map comes up, you play queen for your team! This will offer an opportunity for mid-level players to put on the crown and work on their dives.

Five or fewer teams will mean a Round Robin format with “straight threes” matchups and most total wins deciding a victor, while six or more teams in attendance means a double elimination bracket and full best-of-five matches.

Sign-ups run from 6-7pm, so make sure to get your name on the list in time! Teams will be drafted and games will kick off right after. This tournament will also be streamed live on Twitch.

Special thanks to Not Your Father’s Root Beer for their generous sponsorship and continued support.