1. David says:

    Marvel Pinball

  2. Ian Scott Wright says:

    Dungeons & Dragons

  3. Mike says:

    Monster Bash

  4. Sean says:

    Black Knight 2000. It’s so freaking fast-paced, and the music is dripping with so much 80’s cheese. I LOVE IT!

  5. Stuart McPherran says:

    Scared Stiff.+

  6. Drew Tyson says:

    jurassic park

  7. Mouse says:

    Lord of the Rings

  8. M. says:

    The original Black Knight table is my all time fav. Gotta love those magna-saves!

  9. Meilani Allen says:

    Indiana Jones-Williams version!

  10. Meilani Allen says:

    Creature The Black Lagoon-Bally

  11. Isaac w. says:

    One pin you don’t have currently is fun house with Rudy. Carnival is actually pretty good also.

  12. Patrick Brennan says:

    Probably my all-time favorite table is “Terminator 2 – Judgment Day” – since 1991 I have put hundreds of $$$ into that machine. Of the machines that I have not seen in a long while, I would like to find “Hook” (Data East, 1992), “Star Trek” (Data East, 1991), and “Surf n’ Safari” (Gottlieb, 1991).

  13. Rick says:

    I really like the new Wizard of Oz. The recent Ghostbusters by Stern is also a great table. For the classics, I like both of the Elvira tables.

  14. alex says:

    Tales of the Arabian Nights. (I know it’s a bear to maintain, but it’s so replayable)

  15. Clint says:

    Batman (Dark Knight, 2008)
    Getaway, High Speed II (1992)
    Pinbot (1986)
    Whirlwind (1990)
    Medieval Madness (1997)
    Monster Bash (1998)

  16. Tom says:

    The Pinball Circus (1994)

  17. DJ Popcorn says:

    BLACK NIGHT 2000

  18. sas says:

    south park

  19. Phil Mills says:

    Twilight Zone. The arcade in my hometown had it when I was a kid, and one of my bosses at an old job had it in his office. It’s the only one I’m semi-decent at playing.