TL;DR version:
We are excited to announce the soft opening of our expansion at 115 NW 5th Ave! We will be closed on Monday the 10th and Tuesday the 11th, and then we will open our new space to the public on the evening of Wednesday the 12th. However, 511 NW Couch Street will be closed for renovations until later this summer. Once we have improved the old space, we will re-open it with a doorway connecting the two spaces, finally completing our expansion process.

The full story:
The time has nearly arrived for us to show you what we’ve been working on since 2014. Many of you have probably seen the white and red signs glowing outside of the entrance of our expansion at 115 NW 5th Ave, with the Ground Kontrol ship slowly spinning like a loading screen icon. Next week, we will be moving operations from our current location over to the expansion, just around the corner of the same block that we’ve been on for nearly 13 years.

We will be closed on Monday, April 10th and Tuesday, April 11th to allow us to move equipment and make final preparations, and we’ll finally be opening our new space to the public on the evening of Wednesday the 12th. We’ve been looking forward to this week for a long time, and we know you have been too! An entirely new arcade and bar with improved features and a mixture of new games and familiar favorites awaits you.

So, will Ground Kontrol’s expansion be complete next week? No, this is just the first of two steps to Ground Kontrol’s expansion opening. We will be operating solely out of the new space for the next few months while we keep the old space at 511 NW Couch Street closed so that we can make renovations and improvements, including the installment of an entirely new floor. Once we’ve finished fixing things up, we’ll be connecting the two spaces with a short hallway, at last completing the final step in Ground Kontrol’s expansion process. We’ll have two fully operational bars, twice the square footage, and nearly twice the number of games, giving you even more Ground Kontrol while maintaining our commitment to being the best arcade and lounge you can experience.

One thing that we’ve learned over the past year is that we don’t like putting a time limit on polishing our upgrades to the arcade and bar, so we’re hesitant to put a date on the re-opening of the old space at 511 NW Couch Street. However, we hope to have this final step of our expansion finished before the end of the summer. In the meantime, we could not possibly be more excited to welcome you to the newest version of Ground Kontrol at 115 NW 5th Ave. The new arcade is full of surprises, and we simply can’t wait any longer to show you. Thank you for your unending patience and support!