groundie-insert-21-300x127When is the expansion opening?

We’re hoping to unveil our new space summer 2016!

Why are you expanding?

Our two primary reasons for expanding are:

1. We have more games than we have space for! There’s a seemingly endless list of games we’d like to share with our customers, some of which are too big and bulky to fit in our current layout.

2. We don’t want our loyal fans to have to wait in line, sometimes in the rain, to get in here and play games (which sometimes happens on busy nights). You’ve got high scores to set!

What will your capacity be?

Our maximum capacity will more than double, from 125 to 300! If you’ve ever been to Ground Kontrol and had to wait in line to enter, it’s because we adhere to the maximum capacity set by the fire marshal.

Are you going to do shows?

We’ll continue to host our No Pun Intendo comedy shows, Rock Band, and select groups that fit our unique space. Our friends at Star Theater and Dante’s do a great job fulfilling our neighborhood’s music venue needs. Our focus will remain on being the best bar, arcade and lounge!

Will you have daytime bar hours?

We hope so! Our new space should allow us to have a family-friendly space while we serve drinks in the other space. We’re going to explore our options with the help of the OLCC.

What’s the floor plan going to look like?

We’re keeping that a secret until our grand opening. Sorry!