groundie-insert-300x127Are you going to tear out Ground Kontrol’s current interior?

No, our current space will get a coat of paint, a new floor and many much-needed fixes, and will retain its distinctive character.

Is the new space also going to look like TRON?

No, we want the new space to have its own unique character. We’ve drawn inspiration from the golden age of arcades and incorporated it into a fresh, modern design– but you’ll have to wait until the grand opening to see it!

Are you going to get any new games?

Of course! We’ve already bought a bunch of new games, some of which we’ll be rolling out in the next few weeks. Some of them will have to wait until we have more space, though, such as the new Star Wars Battle Pod flat screen edition, Aliens Armageddon, and the lost classic Lucky & Wild.

What about [INSERT GAME HERE]?

Maybe! We welcome suggestions, so feel free to send us an email with the games you’d like to see at Ground Kontrol.

groundie-insert-31-300x127I don’t want to miss the grand opening! How can I find out when it’s happening?

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