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Battle of the Belles - July 2018

Battle of the Belles – July 2018


Category: Tournament

Battle of the Belles is a monthly pinball tournament open to all women (cis, trans, non-binary, etc.). We encourage and support participation from players of all skill levels in a fun and casual environment.

July’s tournament will be at Ground Kontrol and is 21+

This month’s format will be a “chess-swiss” tournament:
– You will be called in a two player head-to-head round of two games.
– The first person called chooses the first game for that round and plays first.
– The second person called chooses the second game for that round and plays first.
– Both players must report back their number of wins.
– We will play at least 4 qualifying rounds, more if we have time.

Scoring is as follows:
– Win both games, you get 3 points.
– Win one game each, you each get 1 point.
– Win zero games, you get 0 points.

Finals format:
– Top qualifiers move on to finals rounds. (In the case of a tie, we will play a single ball tiebreaker to determine who advances.) The number of players to advance will vary based on number of participants.

Prize money will be paid out to the top four finishers. We’ll also have a few other goodies to sweeten the pot.

Good luck and have fun!