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Killer Queen Money Match Mayhem

Killer Queen Money Match Mayhem


Category: Killer Queen

Ground Kontrol’s biggest monthly Killer Queen tournament now has a new time and date! Now on the first Sunday of the month, and starting an hour early, bring your friends or fly solo for this bee battle.

Killer Queen is the world’s only 10-player arcade game, available in our party room! This game’s hard to find and harder to miss — two giant cabinets support 5 players each (with drink holders for your beer, of course). Teams compete as worker bees, warriors and queens battling it out to be the first to collect the most pollen, decimate the opposing queen three times, or ride the snail to their base. It’s one of the best multiplayer experiences we’ve ever seen in arcades! Sign up for the tournament and you could win Ground Kontrol gift certificates and champion pins! Tournament sign-ups are an hour earlier now, as they take place from 5-6pm, and the first game kicks off shortly after 6!

This month’s event will be played in a Swiss style, designed to give a guaranteed number of games to each team and create evenly matched sets. It will also feature a side game in which players can wager fake money on outcomes of matches in an effort to come out on top. Bring your squad or show up as a free agent!

For more information about our scene and previous tournaments, check out the Portland KQ community site: http://killerqueenpdx.buzz/

“Competitive Clash” Killer Queen Tournament · Sunday July 7 · Signups start at 5pm, first games shortly after 6pm · FREE · 21+