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PinballPDX Royal Rumble 2023

August 27, 2023 @ 10:30 am - 10:00 pm

The PinballPDX Royal Rumble is back for its third year! On August 27th teams consisting of eight players each will battle it out for a $1000 grand prize, additional cash prizes, and more! This tournament will feature eight total rounds of games, the first four rounds will consist of qualifying for the second half, where the top teams will continue on in the final four rounds to play for cash prizes and swag from our sponsors!

Register by sending $80 via PayPal to contact@pinballpdx.org, include full names of all players on your team along with a team name!


Pinball PDX Royal Rumble 2023 t-shirts are available for preorder until 5pm on Friday 8/4. There may be extra shirts and hoodies available for purchase during the tournament.

– Tournament is open to everyone, you do not need to be a player on an active PinballPDX team to play!
– $80 buy in per team, 21+ only
– Check in starts at 10:30 AM for teams with no players who have played in a PinballPDX match, 11 AM for teams with players who have. Teams must be fully checked in by 11:45.
– Tournament begins at 12 PM
– Maximum of 16 teams, so sign up as soon as you can!
– Teams need exactly eight players to play, teams can change rosters up until the start of the first match
– We will be using a ranking system similar to that of Monday Night Pinball’s IPR ranking system to keep competitive balance between teams.

—Format and team restrictions are described below, IT IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE DEPENDING ON THE NUMBER OF TEAMS—

There are a total of eight rounds, the first four rounds will be qualifying rounds for the second half of the tournament. All players on each team will be playing in a given round. There are two types of rounds that will be used – doubles rounds (two players on one team versus two players on another team on a four player game) and singles rounds (one player on one team against one player from another team on a two player game). The first and last rounds of both the qualifying rounds and finals rounds will be doubles rounds, the second and third rounds in each are singles rounds. Each team will play four doubles games per doubles round and eight singles games per singles round.

In a given round, one team will be playing against players from two teams. The teams will be assigned using Swiss pairing, so teams will draw teams that are performing at roughly the same level throughout the tournament. At the beginning of the round, each team will receive a sheet with a pre-determined set of games with spaces to write the names of players down. Each team will choose four players to play the games listed on the sheet. These players will not know who their opponents are until all of the sheets have been turned in. Once all sheets have been filled out, the same set of sheets will be sent out to the opponents of the teams who wrote their lineups first. Teams will assign the remaining four players to the pre-determined machines. Teams will not know what machines have been drawn in the second half of the lineup declaration portion of the round until they receive the second sheet, but they will know who their opponents on the other team are.

An example: Team A is playing against Team B and Team C in a given round. Team A will receive the sheet first for their games against Team B, and Team C will receive their sheet first for their games against Team A. Team A will not know the machines that are drawn for their games against Team C until the first half of the lineup declaration is done. Team A will write the names of four players down next to the pre-drawn machines they wish to play, and then will return the sheet to the tournament director. Once all of the sheets have been collected, Team A will receive the sheet for their games against Team C and Team B will receive their sheet for the games against Team A. Team A will now see the remaining games that have been pre-drawn as well as who their opponents will be for their games against Team C. The remaining four players will choose among the games that are drawn, then the games for the round will begin once all of the sheets have been returned to the tournament director.

For capacity reasons, games in doubles rounds will be staggered to accommodate the space available for players. Roughly half of the doubles games will start at the beginning of the round, and games in the queue will start when games in the area of the machine have been completed.

TEAM RESTRICTIONS: This tournament will use a ranking system similar to Seattle’s Monday Night Pinball league to determine the cap on restricted players per team. Each player, based on their IFPA/matchplay.events rankings, will be assigned a number one through six. The rankings are defined using the criteria listed on the MNP player IPR search site: http://pinballstats.info/search/

A list of players and their rankings have been generated and are available for reference here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1wDxI8cNq5n36e4NAanjHr2EjdUlFzKtVJRrWZLpxmaI/

The total of the team’s IPR ratings are not allowed to exceed the total team cap. For players not listed in the above workbook, the ranking from the MNP player IPR search tool will be used to determine the player’s ranking. If a player has not played in an IFPA tournament or a tournament hosted on matchplay.events, the player will be assigned a rank of 1.

Please reach out to us if you have any questions about this!

Doubles: Out of a total six points –
Two points for the team that wins, plus a point for each person on the opposing team that you beat, plus a point for each person your teammate beats on the opposing team.
For example, a game ends with Team A defeating Team B. Player 1 for Team A comes in first, Player 2 for Team A comes in third. Team A wins two points for winning, Player 1 earns two points for beating both players on the opposing team, and Player 2 earns one point for beating one player on the opposing team. The final score is 5-1, Team A wins five points and Team B wins one point.

Singles: Out of a total three points –
Two points for winning the game
A bonus point is awarded to the winner if they double the score of their opponent. If the winner does not double the score of their opponent, the losing player is awarded the bonus point.

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August 27, 2023
10:30 am - 10:00 pm
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Ground Kontrol Classic Arcade, 115 NW 5th Ave, Portland, OR 97209, USA
Ground Kontrol Classic Arcade, 115 NW 5th Ave, Portland, OR 97209, USA + Google Map