Exclusive New Games at Ground Kontrol!

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We’re extremely excited to announce a brand-new lineup of arcade games, exclusive to Ground Kontrol!

Keeping up with current trends can be tough when your focus is on classic gaming, so we partnered with an expensive market research firm to develop fresh takes on old favorites. Over the past year, they have analyzed every single social media profile in the Portland area to determine what our customers talk about the most, and hired game developers to craft new experiences. Gone are the days of owning and maintaining our own arcade cabinets, and trying to connect on a personal level with our customers – these games are completely outsourced in every aspect possible!

Portland has seen a steady stream of new residents and visitors, bringing many more vehicles to our streets. Racing games have been an incredibly successful genre in arcades since the golden age, so our first batch of games have updated some of the most iconic driving (and biking) simulations with hyper-specific local references! Take a trip around (and around, and around) with Daytona PDX, give everything you can to the sharing economy in Crazy Uber, bring non-stop shopping to Portland’s homes as Primeboy, or take your hands off the wheel and kick back thanks to Self-Driving Pole Position!

Take a look at the full lineup below, and drop in today to try them out! More games will be added as soon as we pay off  our contracts and lawyers. Being the best in the world sure costs a lot of quarters!

Crazy Uber (SEGA, 2018)

Warning: Driving like this can be hazardous to the economy’s health!

What do you want to drive?
Tear up the streets of Portland in that brand-new car that you’ve been working on paying off! It sure is nice to make your own schedule and be your own boss, huh? Maybe you should start driving for Uber!
How fast can you go?
Pick up passengers in several different popular Portland neighborhoods and speed them away to their destination. Looking for a challenge? Try the “late Friday night downtown” level but be careful – it’s game over if a passenger pukes in your car, so drive carefully!
Incredibly detailed graphics!
The first driving game to render the streets of Portland so realistically, you’ll wonder why you’re not making real money by playing the game. Real Uber drivers say it feels just like they’re working!
Adrenaline pumping soundtrack!
Push the pedal to the metal while you listen to that one song by The Offspring on repeat! Why would you even want to listen to anything else?!
Uber paid us so much money to make this game, it’s absolutely ridiculous!
Go to www.uber.com/referral/crazyuber and enter code “MARKETING” to apply for a real job with Uber today!

Primeboy (Atari, 2018)

Primeboy. The game that delivers*!
*exclusively to Amazon Prime members

  • Reward the city’s Amazon Prime subscribers with the free shipping and convenience they’ve earned with their annual membership fee! Hurl packages at customers’ porches as you bike through Portland’s residential streets and earn bonus points by littering the property of non-subscribers with Prime free trial advertisements! The challenge picks up as you progress towards the downtown levels though – watch out for cars driving the wrong way on one-way streets and unpredictable BIKETOWN riders!
  • Earn your spot on the high score leaderboard by scoring jackpot bonuses for tossing your supply of AmazonBasics-brand bricks through the windows of local businesses and chain supermarkets! Who even shops offline anymore anyway?
  • Save the city’s laziest and/or most hungover Prime subscribers with Amazon Restaurants bonus levels! Instead of tossing packages, carefully deliver food orders from a variety of local restaurants and food carts while competing with Postmates, and slow your opponents down by throwing side orders at them! (No one really *needs* fries, anyway…)
  • Complete every mission with a perfect Prime rating to unlock “Naked Bike Ride” mode for an boosted sense of liberation! (NOTE: Naked Bike Ride mode is only available during bar hours. Please remain clothed while in Ground Kontrol.)

Cruis’n PDX (Midway, 2018)

Hate sitting in traffic on the interstate? So do the developers of the newest title in the Cruis’n series!

  • Cruis’n’s unique gameplay is back and more crucial than ever! Quickly double tap on the gas for a quick wheelie boost that lets you flip over the slow cars in front of you!
  • Four hot new tracks are included:
  • I-5 North: How quickly can you get to your home in Vancouver from your 9-5 job in Portland? Don’t get stuck on the wrong side of the river or you’ll have to pay income tax!
  • U.S. Route 26: It’s the first 100 degree day of the summer and literally everyone is heading to the coast! Be sure to prepare your bladder for this endurance course!
  • I-84: It’s only 3pm, yet somehow it’s rush hour! Don’t these people have jobs?!?
  • Burnside Street: Are you new to the Cruis’n games and need a beginner’s course to warm up? Race East down Burnside during rush hour, but watch out for reckless jaywalking pedestrians and surprises on the Burnside bridge — random changes to the bridge’s layout occur with each race!

Mario Pedicab GP (Nintendo, 2018)

The downtown-Portland-summer-cooperative-pedicab-themed Mario Kart fitness game you’ve always wished for is powersliding into your favorite arcade!

  • Innovative new game cabinet design puts player one on a stationary workout bicycle while player two sits comfortably in the back seat to enjoy the race and occasionally deploy items! Say goodbye to your spin class and say hello to your new favorite arcade workout!
  • Work together to outrace opposing pedicab teams with all-new items such as defense-strengthening “Goombucha”, overpowered VISO speed boosters, morally superior vegan food cart dishes (increases personal score only), and custom-coil vape pens that allow you to blind your opponents with the fattest clouds in the Rose Kingdom!
  • Discover risky shortcuts down one-way streets and questionable alley-ways!
  • Log into your My Nintendo account and enter your 35-digit Friend Code to race as your Mii and annoy your opponents!

Daytona PDX (SEGA, 2018)

  • Drive around the block in circles as you race your opponents to be the first to find a parking spot in busy Portland neighborhoods!
  • Tracks include Old Town during First Thursday, Hawthorne & 39th during a sold-out show at the Hawthorne Theatre, and all of NW 23rd Ave literally whenever!
  • Realism mode adds a new challenge for experienced players: fire hydrants, garage doors, and “5-minute only” parking spots act as game-ending decoys… don’t get your hopes up too high when you see a suspicious parking spot that’s too good to be true – it probably is!
  • Unlockable pit crew members join you in the passenger seat to hop out and help guide you as you attempt to squeeze into tight spots!
  • Innovative “intimidation” gameplay mechanic! See an opponent attempting to claim a parking spot near you? Wait behind them impatiently and hammer on the horn button for a chance to scare them away and claim the spot for yourself! Select your vehicle wisely though – some parking spots are only big enough for smaller vehicles, but larger vehicles have a stronger intimidation rating!

Self-Driving Pole Position (Tesla / Atari, 2018)

  • The only racing game featuring hands-free steering so you can fulfill your fantasies of messing around on your phone while risking everything! Want to check your Instagram or Tinder messages while behind the wheel of a high-priced, high-powered-yet-shockingly-fuel-efficient dream car? Unless you invested in Tesla before April 2013, this might be your only chance!
  • Addicted to Tesla’s award winning efficiency? Log into your account on the upcoming mobile version and plug your phone into our USB-C charging port so you can win races on your phone while playing and recharging the phone so it can recharge the arcade cabinet at the same time!
  • Deposits are now being accepted for games beginning January 2019!