Expansion Complete!

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The time has finally come. We couldn’t be more excited to announce that, at long last, we’ve finished our major expansion project! At 5pm on Wednesday, June 6th, we will be unlocking access to the upgraded classic section of Ground Kontrol, filled with over 70 additional games and an extra bar that will offer alcohol service beginning at noon daily! Between the new “red side” of the arcade that we opened in April of 2017 and the renovated “blue side” reopening this week, Ground Kontrol will now feature twice the square footage and amount of games as ever before, plus expanded bar hours.

Over 150 games will now be available for play, with the biggest lineup of pinball publicly available in the Portland Metro area! Spanning decades of arcade history, our selection of 100+ video games and 40+ pinball tables features fan favorites like Black Knight 2000 alongside newly-released titles such as the brand-new 4-player Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and the 10-player, dual-cabinet arcade game Killer Queen. During the time that we took to improve the blue side of the arcade, we also took the opportunity to prepare a variety of newly-acquired classic games and freshen up dozens of old favorites that longtime fans have been waiting to reunite with. Robotron: 2084, Burgertime, Q*Bert, Funhouse, White Water, and Dance Dance Revolution are just a few games amongst the selection that we’re bringing back, and we can’t wait for you to play them again soon!

In addition to the extra space and games, there are several other great benefits to opening both sides of the arcade that we’re excited about. Two full bars offer Ground Kontrol the ability to serve alcohol to adult patrons all day, while minors and families are still welcome until 5pm to enjoy soft drinks, snacks and games. Beer and cider enthusiasts will now have access to a total of 20 taps and an increased variety of rotating local brews. The new hallway connecting the two sides of Ground Kontrol also allows access to modified versions of the original restrooms known for their video-game-themed tile work. In general, our capacity has more than doubled, allowing for less lines and less waiting! Options for group reservations and private rentals have also expanded, with the added flexibility of being able to host private rentals without needing to close our doors to the public.

More games, more space, more fun: it all adds up to more Ground Kontrol for everyone, and we’re ready to share it with you! This marks our third major remodel in just over seven years, and we could not continue to grow and evolve without the invaluable support of our customers and fans. Preserving and upgrading the classic arcade experience has been our mission since 1999, and we’re here to continue, one quarter at a time. Thank you for your patience through this entire process. Now let’s play some games!