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Welcome home, ‪Portland‬!

Since we opened in 1999, Ground Kontrol Classic Arcade has remained dedicated to preserving classic arcade gaming and culture while updating it for the present era. Over the years, we’ve established ourselves as the standard for what an arcade-slash-lounge should be, earning a loyal customer base and fans around the world. We’ve innovated with events and features never before seen in an arcade, and we’ve watched other arcades attempt to replicate our unique approach. They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and we hope to influence a positive new trend for Portland and beyond with our latest concept: Ground Kontrol Classic Apartments.

Portland has seen an influx of new residents, with its population growing to nearly 2.4 million. New buildings are being constructed constantly, it seems, trying to attract residents and businesses with a popular mix of modern apartments anchored by first-floor retail and restaurant spaces. The face of Portland is changing rapidly, and businesses are trying to keep up with higher rent costs and a competitive real estate market. Sometimes, sadly, we lose a beloved bar or shop as a result.

Recently, after months of speculation, Ground Kontrol announced our plans to expand and more than double our space. Many of you expressed relief that we weren’t closing, and instead were actually growing. This is still true, and we’re working hard to debut our new space later this year. With it, though, will come another brand-new innovation: Modern living and classic arcade gaming, all in one.

Each unit in Ground Kontrol Classic Apartments has a bold, open feel with all of the comforts you expect in an urban home, with a curated selection of arcade hits from the 70s, 80s and beyond. The sounds of Galaga, Ms. Pac-Man, Asteroids and more provide the soundtrack to your day-to-day, as Ground Kontrol’s customers visit to play a game or enjoy a pint at the full-service bar that easily converts to a more traditional dining area (advance notice and approval required).