Heavy Metal Pinball Lot: $250 Cash Prize Tournament – Sunday 4/3, 6pm

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Throw down on on three tables inspired by rock legends at Heavy Metal Pinball Lot!

Heavy metal and pinball go hand-in-hand, and the modern age of pinball started right around the same time that bands started to push the boundaries of rock music, making everything heavier, faster, and louder! Video games eventually overtook pinball in most arcades, but heavy metal soldiered on and three of the biggest names in metal are immortalized in some modern classics from Stern. KISS, Metallica and AC/DC all pay tribute to the legacies of their namesakes, with solid gameplay that’s backed up by soundtracks pulled directly from the bands’ impressive catalogs.

If ever there was a rock band that would have not one but two pinball tables, KISS would be the one. The original table was released by the Bally company in 1978, during the glory days of KISS’ original run. Now, as the legacy of KISS continues over 40 years after their original formation, Stern brings us a new table, with plenty of nods to the original and tons of content for KISS fans. With all the features one would expect from a KISS pinball table and the signature gameplay of a modern Stern, the new KISS pinball is a great addition to the long-running dynasties of both this classic rock band and the production company that made it.

Metallica pinball is more than just twelve awesome songs in game mode. Every bit of attention has been paid to present the complex aesthetic of one of rock’s biggest and best bands. Spanning their entire catalog, but with a focus on the fan-favorite earlier work, Metallica is a table that absolutely shreds. It’s hard to top a good loud game of Metallica for a pinball experience that really captures its subject. From the constant references to the albums to the persistently action packed playfield, this table is a genuinely fun one, and a true success as a recent Stern.

A good band-based pinball table needs to be fully equipped with that group’s music, and AC/DC fits the bill, complete with twelve songs from that band’s vast library. Make no mistake, with its awesome sound, fiery visuals and pro-designed gameplay, this table rocks about as hard as our Australian friends themselves. From Steve Richie, classic pinball designer of some of the best tables out there, this playfield is built for speed. The high voltage found in this table will leave anyone looking for some good pinball absolutely thunderstruck!

To celebrate this monstrous three-band bill, we’re throwing a special knockout pinball tournament organized by Brackelope: Tournament Builder. Compete in KISS, Metallica and AC/DC against other headbangers for a cash prize of $250. That’s a lot of sleeveless t-shirts! Entry is totally free, but spaces are limited, so get here by 6pm and sign up while you can.

Tilt back special ciders crafted by ATLAS Cider Company, bang your head to the heaviest vinyl courtesy of Dj Nate C, and don’t stop shredding until you’re the master of pinball! At Heavy Metal Pinball Lot, it’s a long way to the top if you wanna multiball!

Heavy Metal Pinball Lot – Tournament Sponsored by ATLAS Cider Company · Sunday 4/3 · Sign-ups 6pm, first games 7pm · FREE · 21+ only