Killer Queen Monthly Mixer Sponsored by Brew. Dr. Kombucha – Sunday 9/6, 7pm

Image for Killer Queen Monthly Mixer Sponsored by Brew. Dr. Kombucha – Sunday 9/6, 7pm


Typically, our Killer Queen Monthly Mixer offers a fun and casual environment to play Killer Queen and learn strategy from other players. This month, our last mixer of the tournament is also offering prizes and product samples courtesy of Brew Dr. Kombucha!

Register for the tournament, and you’ll be invited to sample the variety of flavors offered by Brew Dr. Kombucha. Each one is 100% raw, certified organic and craft-brewed in Oregon. Whether you love “Love” or prefer a to keep a “Clear Mind” for berry running, you’ll find something you like among their 9 unique flavors.

Once registration is closed, randomly drawn teams of five will compete in best-of-three matches. If there are five teams or fewer, the tournament will be run Round Robin style. If there are six or more, the tournament will be Double Elimination. All matches start on day map, but the losing team of the last game can pick the level in the next game.
Registration is from 7pm to 8pm SHARP. The tournament organizer, Dylan, will not take any names after 8pm. Once the list is full, we’ll start drawing colors. Please return to the table at 8pm to draw your color and meet your teammates. We will allow ~15 minutes for everyone to get situated and organized before the first game will start.

One card of each color will have a Q on it. This means that player is the team’s designated queen. If you draw a Q and DO NOT WANT to play queen for ANY REASON, you can put it back and draw a new card.

This tournament is designed for people to make new friends in the KQ community! Competition is certainly encouraged, but this is a bit more of a social event. All skill levels are welcome and encouraged! Best of all, playing is completely free.

The top winning teams will receive Brew Dr. Kombucha to take home!

Don’t forget, Ground Kontrol serves draft beer, draft cider, PBR, Tecate, Coors Light and well cocktails at happy hour prices from 5pm-midnight every Sunday! Be sure to join Killer Queen Mercury Squad Portland to keep up with fellow players, special events and bee puns!

WHAT: Killer Queen Monthly Mixer Tournament Sponsored by Brew Dr. Kombucha
WHEN: Sunday 9/6. Registration opens at 7pm, first match begins at 8pm. Killer Queen Monthly Mixer repeats every First Sunday.
COVER: Free! 21+ only w/ ID.