New In The Arcade – Dialed In! (Jersey Jack, 2017)

Image for New In The Arcade – Dialed In! (Jersey Jack, 2017)

Charge up your phone and harness the power as you explore Quantum City!

Jersey Jack Pinball made an impressive start with The Wizard of Oz, followed it up with The Hobbit, and now they’re ready to introduce their most advanced game yet: Dialed In!

At first glance, you can tell Dialed In! is no ordinary pinball table – along with the high-res LCD screen and striking artwork you expect from Jersey Jack games, it’s also equipped with a headphone jack with adjustable volume and a smartphone built into the playfield! Start the game and start charging up the phone by hitting the Quantum Electric Co. moving target. After enough hits, it’s time to shoot the Phone Scoop and dial in to begin one of 11 Disaster Modes. Each mode completion awards a SIM Card, and each SIM Card collected multiplies your mode completion bonus! Feel like you’re constantly getting the wrong number? Look for the “Big Bang” and light it by hitting the yellow targets, then hit the lit Big Bang target during a Disaster Mode to complete it instantly! As you might imagine, there are plenty more features and modes hidden in the game: Look for smartphone-inspired pinball firsts like “Emoji Mode”, smile for the camera during “Selfie Mode”, and try to discover all of the references to past pinball games. What’s Crazy Bob up to this time?

Legendary pinball designer Pat Lawlor is well-regarded for bringing us mega-hits like The Addams FamilyThe Twilight Zone, and many more in his 30+ year career, and Dialed In! marks his debut with Jersey Jack as well as their first game based on an original concept. Combining never-before-seen features like the built-in camera, Bluetooth connectivity with the official Jersey Jack app and headphone support with the masterfully-designed gameplay you expect from Pat Lawlor, Dialed In! connects pinball past, present and future for a totally new experience. Answer the call and play Dialed In! at Ground Kontrol today!