New in the Arcade: NFL Blitz 2000 Gold & NBA ShowTime Combo Cabinet

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NFL Blitz 2000 Gold & NBA ShowTimeDuring the 90s, Midway had a great thing going with their pair of action sports titles. It started with NBA Jam and its loose, 2-on-2 free for all gameplay. The appeal of these games was a simple, easy to pick up and play answer to sports, with minimal fouls and rules. With the great success of NBA Jam, NFL Blitz arrived as a football version of that great, simple way to play. NFL Blitz was also very successful, meriting several editions and updates. Jam saw its own share of different versions, eventually becoming NBA Hangtime and finally NBA Showtime, which is noteworthy for its NBC branding and its addition of 3D graphics. Showtime is essentially the same kind of game as the original Jam, with a few minor tweaks. A basic foul system was introduced for Showtime that includes a free throw penalty opportunity. Each team has an expanded roster, with several NBA greats to choose from at both the start and the halftime of each game.

As for NFL Blitz, this edition, 2000 Gold, was the last version of Blitz to get a proper arcade release. This means that all of the additional secrets, tricks and animations made it in to this fully updated and refined version of the game. The rowdy and stripped down football rules are in full effect here, for the best Blitz experience available in the arcade. Not long after this release, Blitz went console only.
This multicabinet really is a great collection of Midway’s well-made and fun to play sports titles. Though it was the late nineties and arcade gaming was entering a somewhat dormant period, the decade’s best action sports games made it in to one awesome cabinet to finish out a great arcade run for both titles. Grab a friend and get your NFL or NBA fix, in one convenient cabinet!