New in the Arcade – Spider-Man: The Video Game

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A powerful ancient artifact, the Sorcerer Stone, has been stolen by the evil Doctor Doom. Join 4 comic book heroes in an action-packed adventure to get the artifact back! Play as Spider-Man, Black Cat, Hawkeye, or Sub-Mariner to defeat foes along the way. These heroes are jumping in the air, crawling on walls and clinging to helicopters while being pitted against extreme supervillains (including a 30 foot tall Venom!).

Spider-Man: The Video Game is the first Spider-man-exclusive arcade game. This beat ’em up comic book brawler combines a mix of side-scrolling and platform gameplay. Playable for up to four people, each of the four characters has their own unique moves. Players control their character using an 8-way joystick, an attack button and a jump button; push the two buttons at the same time to employ the mega-effective Mutant Power (be careful, doing this will drain energy). Players must battle through four acts and ten villains to obtain the artifacts and beat the game!

This game was a smash-hit amongst players and critics upon its release. It was praised for its graphics and use of many characters from the Marvel Universe. Spider-Man: The Video Game is a classic that still holds up decades later.

Did You Know?

  • Spider-Man: The Video Game was never ported to a home system, despite being a wildly successful arcade game. To this day, rumors circulate regarding an in-home version being produced.
  • The soundtrack “borrows” a lot of its tunes from Sega’s 1986 arcade game, Quartet.