New in the Arcade – Target: Terror Gold

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Target Terror GoldTerrorists have invaded the United States of America and it is up to you take them down. These enemies have infiltrated major landmarks across our great nation including nuclear sites, the Golden Gate Bridge, airports and lastly, the White House.

Target: Terror (Raw Thrills) is an on-rails shooter that incorporates full motion video as it leads players through 10 anti-terrorist missions. The violence intensity in this game has 6 presets ranging from a PG-setting of paint balls and freeze guns, all the way to a high-setting that allows players to decapitate enemies. The game can be played by one or two players. Players use a myriad of standard-to-wacky weapons to fight their way to the final level; a hijacked airliner headed for Washington, DC!

The unconventional moments in Target: Terror are what makes this game a favorite among fans. Scenes like gunning down enemies in a public bathroom or having a terrorist in sunglasses charge at you with a chainsaw are examples of what gives this game its quirky, slightly-humorous charm. You’ll notice a strange reaction when you shoot the enemies repeatedly in a, uh, vulnerable place…

The upgraded “Gold” edition of this game was released later in 2004. This edition included new bonus mini-games, combat medals and top-secret areas. One such bonus area puts the player in a grassy field where they have to shoot at the bomb-strapped turkeys being thrown their way!

Get down to Ground Kontrol and help defend your country… NOW!