Ground Kontrol


No Pun Intendo featuring Caitlin Weierhauser – Thursday 3/16, 9pm

Stand-Up Comics & Stand-Up Games! Every Third Thursday, No Pun Intendo brings fantastic comedians to our lounge! Plus - video game competitions between teams of audience members with fabulous prizes! Each month, we feature fantastic comics from Portland & beyond. This month's lineup: Caitlin Weierhauser Matt Monroe Milan Patel Daniel Martin Austin Jason Traeger Hosted by Earthquake Hurricane's Anthony Lopez! Just…

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New in the Arcade – Spider-Man: The Video Game

A powerful ancient artifact, the Sorcerer Stone, has been stolen by the evil Doctor Doom. Join 4 comic book heroes in an action-packed adventure to get the artifact back! Play as Spider-Man, Black Cat, Hawkeye, or Sub-Mariner to defeat foes along the way. These heroes are jumping in the air, crawling on walls and clinging to helicopters while being pitted…

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Superhero Night – Win Tickets to Wizard World Comic Con! Thursday 2/16, 5pm

Win tickets to Wizard World Comic Con at our Superhero Night, Thursday 2/16 5pm-close! Show up to Ground Kontrol wearing your best superhero costume and we'll award a 3-day Wizard World weekend pass to our two favorite costumes! The costume contest will take place at 9pm as our No Pun Intendo - Stand-Up Comedy Showcase begins in the lounge, but…

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Heavy Metal Pinball Lot: $250 Cash Prize Tournament – Sunday 4/3, 6pm

Throw down on on three tables inspired by rock legends at Heavy Metal Pinball Lot! Heavy metal and pinball go hand-in-hand, and the modern age of pinball started right around the same time that bands started to push the boundaries of rock music, making everything heavier, faster, and louder! Video games eventually overtook pinball in most arcades, but heavy metal…

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Superb Owl Sunday: Sports-Free Happy Hour All Night! Sunday 2/5, 5pm

Need something to do on Sunday night that doesn't involve sportsball? Stop by for some classic arcade gaming and extended happy hour in honor of the highly effective bird of prey from the order Strigiformes! Known for their nocturnal schedule, ability to rotate their heads more than most creatures, and a tendency to swallow their prey whole, owls are sorely…

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