Introducing Ground Kontrol Premium Play!

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Ready to upgrade your evening? We’re excited to announce our latest innovation! As pioneers in the arcade world, we’ve spent nearly two decades creating and refining the template for the increasingly popular “bar/arcade”. When it’s time for us to find inspiration, we have to look elsewhere, such as the extremely profitable nightclub industry. After months of research and an incredible amount of debt, we came up with something that brings the exclusivity of bottle service to a social gaming environment. Introducing Ground Kontrol Premium Play: Whether you’re tired of waiting for your favorite game, or simply want to pay more for your entertainment, Ground Kontrol Premium Play offers classic gaming at a modern price!


Enjoy your favorite game with your favorite person – you! Reserve any of the 150 games in our arcade for an exclusive gaming session, for as little or as long as you’d like. Access to your game will be secured by your personal attendant, with nearby games turned off as necessary to increase your privacy. Rates begin at $1 a minute, with a 3% discount after 2 hours. Quarters not included.


Enhance your gaming experience with a cocktail, or get more coins without interruption! Your personal attendant will be on hand to keep you refreshed with anything from our bar, ranging from signature cocktails to the classic tallboy. Time to continue? Just say the word, and we’ll bring you more quarters at a premium price! Premium Play service charge begins at $5 per drink and $3 per dollar changed for quarters.


Need a higher score? Our GK Premium Play attendants are well-versed in every tip, trick and technique needed to climb to the top of the leaderboard. Benefit from their hard work by asking for a hint at any point, and they’ll be happy to help for a nominal fee. Can’t quite master the moves? Say “Can You Just Do It For Me?” and they’ll step in right away! Gameplay hints and tips begin at $5. “Can You Just Do It For Me?” option available for $20 per request.

You can’t always buy an ego boost – unless you’re a GK Premium Player! If you pull off a particularly difficult maneuver or just need to know you’re not so bad after all, ask your attendant “Did You See That?” and they’ll immediately praise your skills. Advertise your acclaim to the entire world by opting for the Social Media Boost, and your attendant will also like and comment on a photo or video of you playing a game from a social media account with at least 1,000 followers for maximum clout!  “Did You See That?” addons begin at $3. Social Media Boost available for $50 per request.

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