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arcade – The Simpsons

(Konami, 1991)

Simpsons cabinet

Dont Have a Cow!


That dastardly Smithers has absconded with the littlest Simpson and it’s up to you to save her!

Take the role of Homer, Marge, Bart or Lisa and pummel your way through the streets of Springfield, Krusty’s Amusement Park, Springfield Cemetary and more to reach Mr. Burns’ penthouse suite for a final showdown.

Bring your friends and fight as the whole family unit! When working in pairs, the characters can use special partner movesóBart jumps on Homers shoulders to wack enemies with his skateboard, while Marge and Homer grab each other by the ankles and turn into a giant rolling wheel to smash their enemies. Mini-games are also designed with a group in mind. Contests like the balloon filling game are good button mashing fun, and a chance to destroy your fellow players in competition.

This game has proven itself timeless, and often still appears in modern arcades next to new games, still holding itís own and attracting new audiences. This is due in part to the success of The Simpsons series, which has had a longer run than any other cartoon in television history.

Did You Know?
Characters from Simpsons creator Matt Groening’s comic strip “Life in Hell” make a cameo appearance in the game.

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in-game screen