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Clash of the Classics: Robotron: 2084 VS Phoenix

October has arrived and it's time for fans of truly classic hardcore games to help us make a tough choice here at Ground Kontrol! This month during “Clash of the Classics”, the relentlessly difficult 1982 Williams action game Robotron: 2084 takes on the 1980 Centuri outer space slide & shoot classic Phoenix! Many have tried to master Robotron: 2084, but few succeed in beating…

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Raiders of the Lost Arcade: Phoenix

Rising again from the ashes for the first time in 10 years, look at what we've had incubating for all of you space shooter fans... Phoenix is an outer space "slide & shoot" similar to Taito's Space Invaders and Namco's Galaxian, but takes the concept further with the introduction of progressive stages of play instead of simply repeating a single…

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Killer Queen Monthly Mixer Tournament – Sunday 10/2, 7pm

Our monthly Killer Queen Arcade League Night has evolved! We're hosting casual "mixer" tournaments that are a great opportunity for new players to learn the game and seasoned veterans to mix it up with new teams. Mixed up teams of five will compete in matches in a Round Robin style. Winner of a coin flip will choose their pick of…

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Open Regular Hours Labor Day – Monday 9/5

Ground Kontrol Classic Arcade will be open regular hours on Labor Day, Monday 9/5. All ages are welcome at Ground Kontrol Classic Arcade from Noon-4:50pm daily. We begin checking IDs at 4:30pm, and can only admit those 21+ with valid ID from 4:30pm-close. Our bar opens at 5pm for alcohol service. If you've got the day off, come on down! We're also open late Sunday…

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Raiders of the Lost Arcade: Rally-X

Simple yet colorful, addictive and fun, Namco's Rally-X first hit Japanese arcades in 1980. Race your lone car through city streets and rack up points, all while avoiding the mounting number of enemies who are out to wreck your car! The game is deceptively easy at first, but it quickly escalates into an adrenaline-filled race against a dwindling fuel tank.

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